22 September, 2018

Good morning friends,

It is a cool saturday morning  as I write this. Woke up to a lovely rainy day, the birds are chirping, already getting on with their breakfast I presume😊

As I sit with my steaming cup of tea, I decided to pick up my journals and think and dream a little, instead of read, the list of disasters which is the newspaper. I often do glance at the front page first thing as I pick up the milk left outside our door and alongwith it, the newspaper.

But not today, the Autumn Equinox is coming up on September 29th, and I want to think a little about it, reset my plans, goals, dreams, visions and while doing so reflect on the lessons learnt and many gifts received along the way.

The weather is changing here, as monsoon gives way to autumn, well we don't have a true autumn here, the trees being semi-deciduous and all ( remembered that from school!!), still they do get drier, all this lovely monsoon mossy green on the hills near our home will turn yellow, which is pretty too.
In October, the days do get really hot, but evenings have a cool touch with the sky a reddish hue as the sun sets.

I'll get back to my tea and journal😊☕ have a lovely day, a great September and Equinox.

Blessings, Love and light!!

05 July, 2018

A little post mid-night art.

Hello dear friends, a warm welcome to my blog. Hope you are doing well whichever part of the world you live in, whether it be summer, or monsoon as we are ecperiencing here in Mumbai..😊
Today I'm sharing a little spontaneous/ drawing I made on a plain matt cover of an art journal. I couldn't sleep one night, and I had been dying to try out a white gel pen on a black paper.
 I loved the effect, the way the white lines stand out so clearly against the stark black and I can't wait to create some. It is almost like working in reverse, as in a negative instead of positive space,
interesting... It is always fun to experiment and try out fun things!

Keeping this post sweet and simple.

Have a great July, and Happy 4th of July to anyone from the States and I really pray
for true freedom for "everyone".

Love, bright light& blessings.

23 September, 2016

Let's Grow!

When reaching for the usual ingredients while cooking one day,  I found my garlic cloves were sending out shoots and not just one or two of them, entire pods! I don't know what it is about this batch of garlic but they really want to grow! Their urge to take root so strongly expressed, I kept aside one or two cloves to be potted.

Now I must mention that in the past I have attempted to grow garlic. We have two balcony spaces which house the potted plants where they get ample light and air.  On my previous attempt, the plant showed promise but soon wilted and then I didn't try again until I found these super fast growing ones!
Is it the moisture-laden weather that is causing them to grow ? or do they simply have more life-force-energy in them? ;) Don't know  the answer to that but I planted one clove in the spare planter that I had and I even gave some to a friend living in the building who grows plants and vegetables in her balconies.
Inspired by my own act of sharing, I'm now all the more enthused to go visit my neighbourhood nursery and get planters and soil to sow more garlic cloves.
I have watched quite a few tutorials on YouTube as to how to grow these herbs, and apparently you need to give the garlic enough depth and a couple of inches of space between the cloves for the garlic to grow. One youtuber did say that if you do closely space them, the only difference would be that they will be smaller in size, which was alright by her.
Let's see, I'm enjoying the sight of the young garlic shoots echoing the freshness and newness that monsoon brings. We face the south-west end of Borivali National Park and the hills are so lush and green with such a good rainfall this year, nearly everyday we are treated to the beautiful sights of misty clouds passing over the hills.

It has been perhaps over three years since I last posted on this blog. During this time I became a mother and life took a pleasant and completely new turn. I'm now back to drawing and painting and writing on my blog as well. My daughter Mila Norzom is now 3 and half years old and is quite the curious preschooler. But more on that later.
I will love to share how the garlic plants develop in future posts.

Happy Autumn Equinox!  Praying that we all find our peace here on this earth.

Love + light.